Create your own Hollywood.


C'mon people, why do you care?!

Lately I have seen so many ridiculous headlines over social media and TV (E! News is the worst perpetrator). I'm not talking about headlines such as Ebola, ISIS, the government, or any other serious topic. No, the things that have been making more headlines are celebrity weddings, whatever North West wore to coordinate with her mom, or the latest idiocracy involving Justin Bieber. I love stupid reality TV shows as much as the next gal, but when can we put an end to the seemingly importance of these topics?

Good question. 

It's about time that we start focusing on ourselves rather than the lives of celebrities that have no idea that we even exist. 

OUCH. That hurts, right? You should probably realize sooner rather than later that Ryan Gosling is not going to show up at your door saying "Hey Girl...".

It's true, isn't it? They care about their Hollywood, their own world, the people in their world. Why would you want to impress them, anyway? Focus your attention on the people that you love and care for. 

Create your own little Hollywood with what you've been blessed with. There are things in your life that, if focused upon, can make you infinitely happier than any reality TV show or chocolate (yeah, i went there). 

Self appreciation.

Everyone talks about it, it's in every issue of Seventeen, but have you really ever stopped to think about what you LOVE about yourself? If you are sitting here reading this and thinking that you don't love anything about yourself then you're either 1. LYING TO YOURSELF or 2. not thinking hard enough. Sure, there are a lot of things about myself that I wish I could instantly change, but there is a longer list of qualities that I love. 

Conceited. Are you thinking that yet? If you are, stop. I wish so badly that confidence and self-appreciation weren't so closely linked to cockiness. 

Ok, yes, they are similar in meaning but SO different at the same time. Confidence means that you have accepted yourself. You're at peace with yourself. You love yourself. On the contrary, cockiness means that you flaunt yourself. You gloat about yourself. You are insecure with yourself. Cockiness is a result of the sum of these three components, especially the last. Stop putting up a front and be real with the people who stand beside you. There's no need to play games with those who care about the REAL you. 

So, what is the meaning of "Creating Your Own Hollywood," you ask? In the real Hollywood, there are a lot of things related to the word fake: fake personalities, fake lives on the big screen, and, of course, a few fake bodies all thanks to plastic surgeons. Instead of following in the footsteps of A-Listers, start to surround yourself with the reals in your life: real friends, real love, and real honesty.

You see, Hollywood seems glamorous and all, but some celebrities thrive on praise, fame, and wealth. Those things are great, but must be accompanied by qualities that are much, much deeper.